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Alternative Science: Criticism of Darwinism

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  • Darwinism as a Religion  pop
    An electronic book for purchase online ("Ebook"). Dismisses both creation and evolution as religious concepts. Darwinism is argued to worship the dissociated deity of Natural Selection who creates things fortuitously; arranging fossils according to their similarities only reflects the ingenuity of the classifier, without showing any relevance to the question of the origin of species.

  • The Biotic Message
    A review of a book by Walter ReMine. The Biotic Message is a science book on the creation-evolution controversy. It quotes frequently, if not exhaustively, and only from the author's opponents - the evolutionists. The book focuses on the biological issues, containing no theology or religious discussion.

  • Man As Old As Coal
    Through the discovery of petrified human remains between anthracite veins, the author, Ed Conrad, argues that mankind is as old as coal and therefore multi-millions of years older than the first emergency of the most primitive animal from which scientists claim we evolved.

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