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  • The Chemistry Place
    Interactive tutorials, practice exams, chemistry-related news, and links to the most credible and reliable science resources on the web for high school and college students and educators. Subscription required, but a free trial is available.

  • Glenn T. Seaborg Center
    Seeks to enrich the knowledge and understanding of the general public in the areas of science and mathematics; particularly that of students and teachers from preschool through college.

  • General Chemistry Online
    Rich resource for students and teachers of introductory chemistry. Includes interactive course guides and tutorials, an exam survival guide, reference tables, self-grading quizzes and exams, a searchable glossary, a question and answer board, answers to over 300 frequently asked questions, and a chemical trivia quiz.

  • Chem Com
    Gathering place for teachers to exchange information and files with each other. All teachers are invited to upload and download information, relating to the standard eight topics.

    An NSF-supported curriculum development project, ChemCases is a web-based resource of curriculum supplements for teaching the second semester general chemistry course. Each case study features a number of the basic principles covered in a traditional general chemistry curriculum. These concepts are used to address the decisions that influence development of successful consumer, agricultural and pharmaceutical products.

  • Electronic Homework Systems, Inc.
    ChemSkill Builder and ChemSkill Foundations generate individualized homework for chemistry students. Exercises are graded immediately and completely worked-out solutions are provided in response to wrong answers. Work can be repeated (with varied exercises) until a desired score is achieved. Student performance is recorded on their individual diskette, from which instructors can monitor their work and incorporate the results into class records, using management software provided without charge to adopting institutions.

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