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  • Nebdata
    Collection of environmental education materials, including diagrams and fact sheets about topics such as "ecosystems" and the hydrologic cycle, news, animal facts, fun projects, and word searches.

  • Taiga Net
    Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op and sites on environment, science and communities. Includes: co-management, caribou, swans, wolves, wetlands, community sustainability, and your Yukon weekly column.

  • NANA, Inc.
    Provides environmental, horticultural, and arts education services to institutions, community organizations and agencies in the Philadelpha, PA, area.

  • Otters and Butterflies
    Highly educational and of value to schools, packed with interactivity, kids section, workbooks, conservation tips and facts about the butterfly lifecycle. Dual site of a local tourist attraction, Dartmoor Otters and Buckfast Butterfly Farm, in Devon, England.

  • FrogWeb
    National Biological Information Infrastructure site focusing on amphibian declines and deformities. Adopt a frog pond and join Captain Ribbitt in gathering valuable information.

  • Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour
    Teacher and seasoned performer who travels throughout the U.S. performing for children and adults at schools, museums, libraries and festivals. Combines innovative environmental education with lively, fact filled assemblies and workshops supported by curriculum resource materials. Website has extensive program information and links.

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