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  • Cornell Plantations
    The purposes of Cornell Plantations are: To hold, manage, protect, and enhance the living botanical collections and the natural areas and gorges of Cornell for the benefit and use of the university community and the public.

  • Arnold Arboretum
    A research and educational institution. It manages a collection of hardy trees, shrubs, and vines located on 265 acres and associated herbarium and library collections. Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

  • Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
    The Garden features spectacular coastline, waterfalls in a deep palm jungle, sunny areas filled with tropical flowers. It presents a very wide variety of tropical rainforest habitats within a relatively small area that is easily accessible by gravel paths.

  • Connecticut College Arboretum
    Research in a broad range of subjects including ecology, field biology, conservation, and natural history. The hundreds of acres of land are also important as a refuge for native plants and animals. Herbarium specimens collected in New England, with an emphasis on Connecticut. New London, CT, USA.

  • National Tropical Botanical Garden
    The garden is engaged in the struggle to save the tropical plant world, which is under threat from all sides. This work is carried out through active programs in collection, propagation, conservation, research and education. Hawaii.

  • Royal Botanical Gardens
    Canada's largest botanical garden incorporates untamed and cultivated landscapes. Burlington, Ontario, near Hamilton, located 45 minutes from Toronto and Niagara Falls.

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