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  • Automated Reasoning Project
    Web resource provided by research group. Includes access to software developed by the team, coverering such projects as FINDER (Finite Domain Enumerator), MaGIC (Matrix Generator for Implication Connectives) and Kripke (A theorem prover for the relevant logic LR).

  • MUltlog
    Takes as input the specification of a finitely-valued first-order logic and produces a sequent calculus, a natural deduction system, and clause formation rules for this logic.

  • The Coq Project
    Deals with effectively machine-checked formal mathematics. In practice, this includes the study of mathematical formalisms well-suited for implementations, the implementations themselves and the use of these for various applications. Focuses on software correctness proofs.

  • LOOM
    A language and environment for constructing intelligent applications. It is a research project in the Artificial Intelligence research group at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute. The goal of the project is to develop and field advanced tools for knowledge representation and reasoning in Artificial Intelligence.

  • PVS
    The PVS Specification and Verification System. Available for Sparc machines with Solaris 2 and Intel x86 Machines with Linux compatible with Redhat 5 or later. Required is Emacs (version 19 or later), recommended LaTeX and Tcl/Tk. Download by FTP.

  • Paradox
    A tool that processes first-order logic problems and tries to find finite-domain models for them; written by Koen Claessen and Niklas Sörensson. Haskell and C++; free download under GPL.

  • DC Proof Online
    New proof-writing software to teach the fundamentals of logic and proof. Enables users/students to write error-free proofs by selecting rules of inference, axioms, etc. from convenient drop-down menus. Includes tutorial and exercises.

  • VeriFun
    A semi-automated system for the verification of statements about programs written in a functional programming language. The system is capable of following fully-automated routines for theorem proving and hypotheses formation, as well as operating interactively when these reoutines fail.

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