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  • General Particle Tracer
    3D particle tracer designed to simulate the movement of charged particles in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. The code is widely used for accelerator, beamline and FEL design.

  • CPC Program Library
    Contains over 1800 refereed programs in computational physics and physical chemistry which are described in the journal Computer Physics Communications published by Elsevier Science.

  • SnagLab
    A Matlab toolbox for data simulation and analysis of signal and noises for gravitational antennae, developed at the Department of Physics of the "La Sapienza" university (Rome - Italy). It can be downloaded. The program is a support for the teaching of the Laboratory courses.

  • Critical Mass Labs
    Critical Mass Labs real-time advanced physics technology - stable and accurate physics software that can help you achieve more realistic prototyping and other simulations with a shorter development cycle. Our libraries can calculate rigid-body dynamics, collision detection, spring recreations and multiple-node joints

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