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  • DYMOLA - Simulation tool for dynamic systems
    Handles large, complex multi-domain models. Faster modeling by graphical model composition. No manual equation manipulation needed. Faster simulation - symbolic pre-processing. Open for user defined model components. Open interface to other program. 3D Animation, real-time simulation.

  • HailCalc - Hail Damage Simulation
    HailCalc provides an online hail storm simulation environment, where insurance companies can calculate building/car damage due to real hail storms moved/rotated over particular locations. Uses leading research from ETH Zurich.

  • Simulation and Training Research and Development
    The Institute for Simulation and Training is one of the nation's leading simulation, training, modeling and virtual reality research centers. Located by the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando, the institute is at the center of a dynamic, expanding field, supported by government and industry sponsors and charged with identifying new directions for this rapidly changing technology.

  • Information Technology Service Center
    The Information Technology Service Center (ITSC) is a central source of information technology applications accessible via the public Internet and WorldWide Web. The resource is operated by the Institute for Simulation & Training. It is expected that clients within the simulation & training community will point to each other rather than attempt to duplicate each's information.

  • Simulation Software ITI-SIM
    The software for modeling, analysing and optimization of dynamically stressed, complex nonlinear systems.ITI GmbH Dresden,Germany.Simulations in hydraulics, pneumatics, mechatronics, drive system, rail vehicles, shipbuilding, control systems.

  • Immersion Medical
    Immersion Medical, a subsidiary of Immersion Corporation (the pioneer of haptics, the science of touch) is a developer and manufacturer of medical simulators that recreate realistic healthcare environments.

  • CATSS Web Site
    Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation (CATSS). The theme of this center is to apply computer simulation, driving simulators, virtual reality, wireless communication and other advanced technologies to enhance the planning, design, operation, management, and safety of transportation systems.

  • D-3-Group GmbH
    Research company specializing in the development of sophisticated networking and simulation software.We focus on distributed interactive simulation.

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