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  • CryoGas International
    On-line version of magazine which reports the latest advances in technology, market development and new products for industrial, medical and specialty gases and cryogenic equipment.

  • Bishop Pipefreezing Inc.
    Supplying pipefreezing and cryogenic services to the pipeline and process industries throughout the world. Pipefreezing is a means of isolating part of a pipework system by freezing the pipe contents over a short section, so that the contents form a solid plug. Offices in the UK and U.S.A

  • Cryodata
    A major source of software and consultation for properties of fluids, materials, and superconducting systems in the cryogenic temperature range. Example: one program calculates the properties of 33 fluids over a variety of temperature and pressure ranges. In Louisville, Colorado.

  • CRYOCO, Inc.
    Cryogenic consulting services, including systems analysis, instrumentation, gas purification, and classes in cryogenic engineering and safety. Owned by Thomas Flynn, Ph.D., in Boulder, Colorado.

  • SHI-APD Cryogenics, Inc.
    Supplier of cryogenic equipment for the medical, optical and semiconductor industries. Their products are used in MRI systems, optical fiber and optical coating manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing.

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