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  • Alliance to Save Energy
    U.S. consortium that promotes the clean and efficient use of energy worldwide to benefit the environment, economy, and national security. Website has information for consumers and policymakers, plus energy education materials.

  • World Energy Council
    Global energy policy organization. Includes information on worldwide energy resources and use, publications, news, policy documents and a database on greenhouse abatement projects.

  • International Energy Annual
    Energy Information Administration annual historical data summary for world energy production, consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions, with sections on petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, energy reserves, prices, population.

  • International Energy Agency (IEA)
    Implements an international energy program of energy cooperation among 24 member countries. Site resources include world energy statistics and projections, market reports, discussions of energy economics and market reforms, and technical information about energy-producing technologies and efficiency.

  • Institute for Energy Technology
    Norway's national research center for nuclear and energy technology describes its research and development activities in nuclear technology and safety, physics, petroleum technology, energy and environmental technology, materials and corrosion technology, man-technology-organization, and the OECD Halden Reactor Project.

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